How it all started-A wide variety of hand carved and laser engraved wooden pieces
From pickguards to electronics covers-----we've got you covered
Customized drumsticks engraved with your graphics, signature, or even photo!
Various types of engraved glassware that make a great gift for any special occassion
Custom made plaques done to your specifications! Nearly limitless amount of possibilities
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Have your memories last for ever in stone with our personalized black marble pieces
Check out some  of our other specialized pieces that are in a class all of their own
Custom grips made out of various exotic woods, engraved with your own personal touch
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Solution Graphics
Dog  tags custom engraved with wording, photos, or graphics
From pickguards to electronics covers-----we've got you covered
Have your personal photo engraved on a set of custom drumsticks
Drumsticks engraved with just your custom wording; add colors too!
Click here to order a custom drumstick display stand w/engraving to show off your custom drumsticks!
Have your personal photo engraved on a set of custom drumsticks
Links to some other  places that have a common appreciation for drumming
Submit your own graphic and directions for the setup of your drumsticks and we'll send you a free preview
Colored hickory drumsticks with or without your custom wording in color!
Giant sided drumsticks engraved with your own custom wording
Custom wedding cake toppers engraved with your photo, wording, and date
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Custom glass, marble, and other types of coasters and paperweights available with custom engraving
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Send us your own graphic to have engraved. Free price quote and
quantity discounts available!
Quality Hickory Drumsticks w/ up to 200 characters engraved on each drumstick!
Add your own custom wording to 1 of 14 different layouts
Have your own custom wording, graphics, or photos engraved on a stand
Drumsticks with Wording Only Engraved
Photo-Engraved Drumsticks
Custom Graphic Engraved Drumsticks
Pre-designed Graphic Drumsticks
Drumstick Display Stands w/ custom engraving
Have your own photo engraved into drumsticks for a truely unique gift w/ personalization included!
Engraved Drumsticks w/ color added to the sticks or your custom wording
w/ 100 Characters per drumstick!
Drumsticks with Wording Colored or Sticks Colored
Have your own custom wording engraved into a giant drumstick for an amazing gift! These giant drumsticks are 3 FEET LONG!
Custom GIANT Engraved Drumsticks
Quantity Discounts Available!
Any size 5A wood or nylon tip, 5B wood tip, or 7A wood tip ordered directly from our website with engraving will be
1st Grade Vic Firth
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Drumsticks that did not meet our quality standards and are being sold with engraving at major disount
Discount Engraved Drumsticks
Now offering Vic Firth Drumsticks!
Quantity Discounts!