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Starting at $100.00

Price dependent on graphic/logo being engraved · Includes finish of your choice · Personalized pistol grips done on solid hard woods or imitation ivory 

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Custom Engraved Gun Grips
Various 1911 Style Examples

All grips below our examples of engraved graphics that we've done in the past of various wood types. Send us your own graphic and we'll engrave a custom pair for you as well!

Custom Walnut 1911 gun grips with don't tread on me engravnig
Grip Example 1

Walnut grips engraved with "Don't Tread On Me' and rattlesnake graphic

flame maple 1911 grips with vertically engraved date and wording
Grip Example 2

Star seal graphic engraved grip with vertically aligned letters going down the grip

Imitation ivory grips with engraving and black fill (star design)
Grip Example 3

Imitation Ivory grips with high detailed graphic engraving and black fill

Cherry red stained 1911 grips with stippling design
Grip Example 4

Red stained grips with shield graphic engraving and stippling

1911 grips with leaf relief engraving
Grip Example 5

Relief laser engraving of maple leaf design and border

Photo Engraved
USMC flame maple 1911 grips with photo
Grip Example 6

USMC graphic and photo-engraving of Marine. Have your photo put on a set of grips!

More Examples Below

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Be Descriptive With Your Details

When you request a quote, please provide us with a detailed description of what you want on the grips. This helps us quote accurately and helps speed up the overall process

imitation ivory 1911 grips with custom graphic engraving
Grip Example 7

Imitation ivory grips with military shield engraving

High grade 1911 grips with USN engraving
Grip Example 8

USN Anchor graphic and bible verse engraving as well as dates

Walnut 1911 grips with skull shield engraving
Grip Example 9

Grip engraving with skull graphic and shield engraving

Fire department logo engraved 1911 grips
Grip Example 10

Firefighter/Paramedic Graphic engraved grips with custom wording

Imitation ivory grips with masonic symbol engraving
Grip Example 11

Imitation ivroy grips with detailed floral pattern and masonic symbol engraving

Black stained grips with diamond pattern engraving
Grip Example 12

Purple stained grips with diamond checker pattern and graphic engraving

Don't settle for standard

Customize your firearm with a set of grips that you're proud to own 

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Be Creative!

Just make sure that you have permission to engrave any image/graphic that you send us! We also reserve the right to refuse a request due if we believe it to be offensive in any way

1911 grips with large initial engraving
Grip Example 13

Large initial engraving, duplicated on left and right side grips

Custom imitation ivory grips with texas engraving
Grip Example 14

Imitation ivory grips with marshall graphic engraving and initials. Black fill added

personalized 1911 grips with wv engraving
Grip Example 15

Grips engraved for local business with mountaineer graphic

personalized 1911 grips with cross design engraved
Grip Example 16

Celtic cross engraved grips with initials and edge design

Diamond checkered grips with eagle graphic engraved
Grip Example 17

Diamond checker surface engraving with circular center graphic

Dark wood grips with custom dynamite graphic engraving
Grip Example 18

Custom dynamite graphic engraving, different on each grip

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