An exceptional man with an exceptional talent...
HanD Carved PORTRAITS DONE without the ability to see

West Virginia Wood Arts is proud to be in association with an exceptional wood carver, Ron Davidson. Ron lost his eye sight completely eight years ago and through is able to create some extraordinary carvings. Ron has been featured in numerous news articles, Wood Carving Illustrated, MSN, and Reuters. All of his work is available for purchase exclusively through us. Each piece is an original, individual delight.

Watch the video below to learn more about Ron...

Examples & Available Pieces

Reflections in the LakePlaceholder Image

Bridge in the CountrysidePlaceholder Image

Old Brick ChurchPlaceholder Image

Bridge in the CountrysidePlaceholder Image

WV MillPlaceholder Image

Country HomePlaceholder Image

Old Saw MillPlaceholder Image

Free Standing BearPlaceholder Image

Mountain ManPlaceholder Image

Sea CaptainPlaceholder Image