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Additional Details Regarding Custom Bats

Upon Submitting your request, a preview is typically sent to you within 2-3 business days.
Average turn-around time from when you submit a request to when you will recieve your bat is 10 business days. This can vary depending on what is being engraved and how many bats are being ordered. 
Pricing is listed here. Pricing may differ for quantity orders.
Bats are made of maple wood and are for presentation purposes only.
Wood bats can break if used. We do not guarantee that they will not break and accept no liability if they do as these bats are meant to be displayed, not played with.

Custom Walnut 1911 gun grips with don't tread on me engravnig
Vertical Bat Layout
1911 grips with leaf relief engraving
Horizontal Bat Layout
Baseball Bat pricing info
32" - 34" Full Size Maple Bat
1-4 people Photo Engraved
More than 4 People engraved
(Team PHotos)
with wording only 
(No Photos)
18" Mini Maple bat
1-4 people Photo Engraved
More than 4 People engraved
(Team PHotos)
w/ wording only
(no PHotos)
Quantity Discounts
Discounts available on any quantity 
Pricing depends on number of bats and what is being engraved

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