Personalized Drumsticks

w/ Graphic & LOgo Engraving - $30 and up

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Custom Graphic Drumsticks
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Pre-designed drumsticks
Custom Logo/Graphic  Engraved Drumsticks
$25.00 and up
all  Drumsticks:
- Have No Minimum order requirement
- Are engraved 1st quality vic firth sticks
- available in size 5a, 5b, 7a, or 2b
- Free preview of layout
- Ship in about 5 business days
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Custom Graphic engraved Drumstick Examples

Below are some of the many photos of previously done drumsticks to give you just an example of what is possible.

Extremely detailed koi fish graphic engraved on a pair of drumsticks
personalized drumsticks engraved with koi fish design
Celtic designs (knot and cross) engraved on a set of personalized stick
Drumstick set with celtic cross and knot design
A pair of personalized drumsticks with a cross design engraved and wording
personalized drumsticks with custom cross graphic engraved
Signature engraved drumsticks w/  name and signature on the other
Custom Drumsticks with Signature engraving
Music note engraved drumsticks that spiral and name in the middle
Personalized sticks with music note wrapping music notes and name
Detailed custom peacock graphic engraving on personalized drumsticks
Detailed peacock graphic engraving on hickory drumsticks
Be Descriptive With Your Details

When you submit a request, please provide us with a detailed description of what you are looking for. The better understanding of what you want on the sticks, the quicker we can get things underway for you!

Any files you send us to be engraved should be an image file such as a .jpg image

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When you submit a request for custom graphic engraved drumsticks, we setup a preview for you and give you a price quote as well. No graphic work will be done for the final engraving until payment has been received