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Starting at $100.00

Price dependent on graphic/logo being engraved · Includes finish of your choice · Engraving done on solid hard woods or imitation ivory 

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Page Four Engraving Examples

Below are even more examples of previously done 1911 grips. Fill out the request form and tell us how you want your custom grips!

High figured wood with star shield engraving and initials
Deputy sheriff honduran rosewood grips for colt defender

Reference - C.G 55

Three dog photo-engraving with horizontal layout
3 dog night in alaska custom compact 1911 grips

Reference - C.G 56

VC graphic engraved grips grips and custom wording
Customer specified 1911 grip

Reference - C.G 57

High detailed imitation ivory engraving with black fill
scrimshaw butterfly girl on imitation ivory 1911's

Reference - C.G 58

My Dad, My Hero photo-engraved grips on walnut
photo engraved commander 1911 grips

Reference - C.G 59

Vietnam Veteran Imitation Ivory grips with army symbol engraved
army seal engraved on imitation ivory for a g.i. issue pistol

Reference - C.G 60

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Be Descriptive With Your Details

When you request a quote, please provide us with a detailed description of what you want on the grips. This helps us quote accurately and helps speed up the overall process

Vietnam and WWII Airforced engraved 1911 grips
new air force and old air force logo engraved grips

Reference - C.G 61

Dark stippled full coverage grips with trident
S.W.A.T Santa monica custom red stained walnut grips

Reference - C.G 62

1911 Imitation ivory grips with graphic filled with black and red
scrimshawed imitatioin ivory 1911's

Reference - C.G 63

Custom graphic engraved with name grips
custom graphic engraved exotic wood grips

Reference - C.G 64

Market street graphic with custom font engraving
market street grocery graphic custom 1911 grips

Reference - C.G 65

Scythe graphic 1911 grips with large wording
walnut scythe graphic with rev. 6:8
"And behold... a pale horse...."

Reference - C.G 66

Don't settle for standard

Customize your firearm with a set of grips that you're proud to own 

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Just make sure that you have permission to engrave any image/graphic that you send us! We also reserve the right to refuse a request due if we believe it to be offensive in any way

Facny cherry highway patrol and flag engraved grips
kansas highway patrol with flag personalized grips

Reference - C.G 67

Louisianna state graphic engraved with rough stippling background
coarse stipple louisiana state police custom grips

Reference - C.G 68

Rosewood grips with graphic engraving and circular wording
dark bolivian wood grips

Reference - C.G 69

Scroll work and high detailed border engraving
floral scroll engraved wood 1911 grips

Reference - C.G 70

Imitation ivory air force graphic engraved grips. Honor our military
USAF personalized Imitation ivory grips

Reference - C.G 71

Masonic engraved Imitation ivory grips with black fill and border
masonic graphic imitation ivory grips with scrimshaw style floral

Reference - C.G 72

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