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As a young artist, much of my work revolved around the portraiture of young adults; many of which were drawn from scenes of night life. Dancing, couples, backyard parties, bar scenes, musicians, and costume parties have all been subjects of my paintings. The rich dark backgrounds, the bright vibrancy created by artificial lighting, or the campfire light in a backyard help illustrate the enjoyment people experience and the occasional moments of solace that people seek. Where people go, how they let off steam and be themselves, how they enjoy the company of friends, and how they discuss matters of life always struck me as the most interesting parts about them. Though this concept in itself may not be entirely unique, I often strive towards ways of making it a personal statement, and a reflection of my subject's personalities. Clubs become a philosopher's study where debates are weekly held about the society and culture we experience. Guitar chords played from live musicians resonate within your ears for the rest of the night, making you think about the new person you just met, or the funny jokes your friends told. Turning the corners of the streets illuminated by the various signs of night clubs and restaurants may provoke the chance encounter with a new friend, or romantic interest. It is these feelings that I strive to show in my art work, and though it may not be realistic, the memory can always be visualized

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