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Privacy Statement

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West Virginia Wood Arts

West Virginia Wood Arts LLC takes the privacy of our customers and potential customers seriously. Anyone who visits our website may be tracked while on our site for research purposes. Information gathered may be used to help us better our website by determining which pages are viewed more frequently and for longer periods of time. The information gathered does not allow us to track and identify any one person. None of their personally identifiable information is kept and stored this way by us. Costumers' personal information such as name, electronic mail address, postal address, and phone number will be collected when the customer provides this information through one of our order, request, or contact forms on our website. Form results are stored on a separate server which specializes in the collection and storage of form results. This third party company does not use your personal information for any type of soliciting as noted in their privacy statement. West Virginia Wood Arts may contact a customer regarding that customer's specific order and the details relating to that order. We may also e-mail past customers to inform them of potential products from us that they may be interested in. If a customer wishes to not receive such notices, they need only reply to the e-mail or call and be asked to be removed from future mailings. We do not sell or distribute any of our customers information to third parties. All information collected will be kept private and will only be released if so required by law. West Virginia Wood Arts LLC intends to protect and keep private any personal information which is obtained through our site. If, a customer's personal information such as e-mail and name is transferred to a third party knowingly by us, this will first be made known to the customer before data is transferred. This will only be used if we are working in collaboration with a third party in order to fulfill a customers order. We will never transfer any type of a customer's financial information to a third party. Any on-line financial transactions for West Virginia Wood Arts LLC are completed through PayPal. Customers are sent an on-line invoice by us which redirects them to the Paypal site where they enter their financial information. This is to provide our customers with a secure area to complete payment. When payment is done this way, West Virginia Wood Arts does not have access to the customers financial data such as credit card information.