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Custom Rosewood
1911 Grips

Starting at $100.00
Price dependent on graphic/logo being engraved · Includes finish of your choice · Free price quote

Custom Rosewood 1911 Grips

See some of the several examples of personalized rosewood pistol grips that we have done. We offer different types of rosewood that you can customize with your own graphic. All examples are done in solid hardwoods, we do not use laminate. Finish of choice applied after engraving. Contact us for a free quote for your own grips!

1911 Rosewood Grips w/ Fire Dept. Graphic Engraving

Reference - R.W. 1

Custom Rosweood grips with Republic of California Image

Reference - R.W. 2

Honduran Rosewood 1911 Pistol Grips with Badge Graphic and Border

Reference - R.W. 3

Raised Badge Graphic on Rosewood Pistol Grips with Stippling

Reference - R.W. 4

Raised Oval graphic with custom initial engraving on 1911 rosewood grips

Reference - R.W. 5

Custom 1911 grips with deputy graphic engraving on checkered background

Reference - R.W. 6

1911 Rosewood grips engraved with aircraft carrier and rope graphic

Reference - R.W. 7

Personalized Pistol grips with different graphics on each grip

Reference - R.W. 8

USMC 1911 grips done in rosewood with ornate border engraved

Reference - R.W. 9

custom 1911 law enforcement grips with initial engraving

Reference - R.W. 10

Family shield engraved rosewood pistol grips

Reference - R.W. 11

custom rosewood grips with fD shiled and flame graphic

Reference - R.W. 12

Gloss finished rosewood grips with vertical initials

Reference - R.W. 13

marine corp graphic and flag custom 1911 grips

Reference - R.W. 14

Mounted rosewood full size grips with initials and date

Reference - R.W. 15

satin finished rosewood grips with initial engraving

Reference - R.W. 16

personalized 1911 rosewood grips with raised hands graphic

Reference - R.W. 17

custom graphic engraved high figured rosewood grips

Reference - R.W. 18

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