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custom 1911 Pistol grips - Rosewood Examples
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Price dependent on graphic/logo being engraved · Includes finish of your choice · Free price quote based on work you request

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Custom Rosewood 1911 Pistol Grips

All grips below our examples custom rosewood gun grips that we have engraved for previous customers. Send us your own graphic and let us know what we can do for you!

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Fire Dept. graphic engraved on one rosewood grip w/ wording on the other
1911 Rosewood Grips w/ Fire Dept. Graphic Engraving

Reference - R.W.-1

Republic of California bear and star graphic mirror image engraved on a set of rosewood grips
Custom Rosweood grips with Republic of California Image

Reference - R.W.-2

Star badge image engraved with leaf border lining the grips
Honduran Rosewood 1911 Pistol Grips with Badge Graphic and Border

Reference - R.W. -3

Badge graphic engraved with fully checkering patter on rosewood 1911 grips
Raised Badge Graphic on Rosewood Pistol Grips with Stippling

Reference - R.W. -4

Raised oval logo with initials engraved in and ful stipple coverage
Raised Oval graphic with custom initial engraving on 1911 rosewood grips

Reference R.W.-5

Diamond checkered engraved rosewood grips with deputy graphic centered
Custom 1911 grips with deputy graphic engraving on checkered background

Reference R.W. -6


These grips are just EXAMPLES of what we can do and have done in the past. We don't sell pre-setup graphics, these are engraved based on the specific setup you request! 

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Be Descriptive With Your Details

When you request a quote, please provide us with a detailed description of what you want on the grips. This helps us quote accurately and helps speed up the overall process

Aircraft carrier graphic with rope circling and dates engraved on 1911 grips
1911 Rosewood grips engraved with aircraft carrier and rope graphic

Reference R.W. 7

Highly detailed military graphics, different on each grip and custom engraved
Personalized Pistol grips with different graphics on each grip

Reference R.W. 8

USMC emblem on custom 1911 grips with banner design above and below
USMC 1911 grips done in rosewood with ornate border engraved

Reference R.W. 9

Badge graphic, initials, and department number etched in rosewood grips
custom 1911 law enforcement grips with initial engraving

Reference R.W. 10

Family shield with custom wording engraved on mirror engraved on rosewood pistol grips
Family shield engraved rosewood pistol grips

Reference R.W. 11

Flame design and shield graphic engraved on wood 1911 grips
custom rosewood grips with fD shiled and flame graphic

Reference R.W. 12

Don't settle for standard

Customize your pistol with a set of high quality grips that are engraved with something that means something to you

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Be Creative!

Just make sure that you have permission to engrave any image/graphic that you send us! We also reserve the right to refuse a request due if we believe it to be offensive in any way

FGloss finished rosewood grips with initials vertically engraved
Gloss finished rosewood grips with vertical initials

Reference R.W. 13

United Stated Marine Corp graphic and American flag engraved 1911 pistol grips
marine corp graphic and flag custom 1911 grips

Reference R.W. 14

Dog graphic engraved grips with oranmental design border
Mounted rosewood full size grips with initials and date

Reference R.W. 15

Vietnam veteran grips with Airborne graphic and years
satin finished rosewood grips with initial engraving

Reference R.W. 16

Celtic knot pattern grips engraved with initials
personalized 1911 rosewood grips with raised hands graphic

Reference R.W. 17

Military spade symbol engraving and latin wording
custom graphic engraved high figured rosewood grips

Reference R.W. 18

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