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custom 1911 Gun Grips
Walnut & Cherry Examples
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Custom 1911 Gun Grips - Walnut

All grips below our examples of engraved graphics that we've done in the past on walnut wood.  Further down the page you'll find more examplesdone on cherry wood.

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Arizona raised graphic engraving on walnut 1911 grips

Reference - W.G. 1

Walnut 1911 grips engraved with 2nd amendment and initials
2nd amendment personalzied walnut pistol grips

Reference - W.G. 2

High detailed pattern engraving on walnut 1911 grips with monogram
ornate 1911 walnut grips with raised initial engraving

Reference - W.G. 3

Custom skull and shield graphic on walnut grips
skull graphic engraved 1911 grips with surrounding shield

Reference - W.G. 4

Person's photo custom engraved on walnut gun grips with wording below
custom walnut grips engraved with photo and wording

Reference - W.G. 5

Atlas holding up the world graphic, laser engraved into custom walnut grips
atlas image on light walnut 1911 grips

Reference - W.G. 6

Photo engraving of child's hand within oval, with circulara custom wording
raised hand image with custom wording on walnut

Reference - W.G. 7

Highly detailed badge graphic engraved in walnut 1911 gun grips prior to finish being added
Unfinished walnut 1911 grips with high detailed badge engraving

Reference - W.G. 8

Custom cherry 1911 grip Examples Below

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Custom 1911 Gun Grips - Cherry

When you request a quote, please provide us with a detailed description of what you want on the grips. This helps us quote accurately and helps speed up the overall process

Vietnam and WWII Airforced engraved 1911 grips
Cherry 1911 grips customized with flag and badge engraving

Reference - C.G. 1

Dark stippled full coverage grips with trident
Ornate Cherry Grips with crest engraving and border design

Reference - C.G. 2

Personalized gun grips with Purple Heart graphic engraving and date
custom 1911 grips done in cherry with purpleheart graphic

Reference - C.G. 3

Raised engraving of dog graphic with name underneath and centered on cherry grips
1911 grips with raised photo engraving of a dog

Reference - C.G. 4

Personalized cherry gun grips with large initial engraving
monogrammed cherry 1911 grips 

Reference - C.G. 5

"A son's first hero" for Dad custom grips placed horizontally
custom cherry 1911 grips with personalized to "Dad"

Reference - C.G. 6

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