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Custom Walnut
1911 Style Pistol Grips

Starting at $100.00
Price dependent on graphic/logo being engraved · Includes finish of your choice · Free price quote

Custom Walnut 1911 Grips

Below are some examples of the solid walnut pistol grips that we have done previously. All images are custom design requests, if you're looking for a pair of truely custom walnut grips to compliment your firearm, you've come to the right place. Further down, you'll see examples of cherry wood grips that we have done as well.

Arizona Raised Graphic Engraving on Walnut 1911 Grips

Reference - W.G. 1

2nd Amendment Personalzied Walnut Pistol Grips

Reference - W.G. 2

Ornate 1911 Walnut Grips with Raised Initial Engraving

Reference - W.G. 3

skull graphic engraved 1911 grips with surrounding shield

Reference - W.G. 4

custom walnut grips engraved with photo and wording

Reference - W.G. 5

atlas image on light walnut 1911 grips

Reference - W.G. 6

raised hand image with custom wording on walnut

Reference - W.G. 7

Unfinished walnut 1911 grips with high detailed badge engraving

Reference - W.G.8

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Custom Cherry 1911 Grips

Cherry 1911 grips customized with flag and badge engraving

Reference - C.G. 1

Ornate Cherry Grips with crest engraving and border design

Reference - C.G. 2

custom 1911 grips done in cherry with purpleheart graphic

Reference - C.G. 3

1911 grips with raised photo engraving of a dog

Reference - C.G. 4

monogrammed cherry 1911 grips

Reference - C.G. 5

custom cherry 1911 grips with personalized to "Dad"

Reference - C.G. 6

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